Cancellations & Withdrawals

Cancellation of Registration

Students who have registered for summer courses, but are no longer planning to attend Summer Sessions, have the option to CANCEL their Summer Quarter prior to the first day of instruction of the first enrolled session. If you are enrolled in courses in Session(s) A, C, D, and/or E only, you can follow the steps below to cancel until June 21. If your courses are in Session(s) B, F, or G only, you can cancel until August 1. 

To cancel, complete the following steps. 

  1. Log in to GOLD.

  2. Navigate to the “Progress” menu.

  3. Select “Petitions”. 

  4. Select “Initiate Quarter Cancellation Petition”.

  5. Ensure that the selected quarter is “Summer 2022”. 

  6. Follow the steps outlined to confirm cancellation of your quarter.

After the first day of instruction of the first enrolled session, students who are no longer planning to attend Summer Sessions have the option to partially or fully WITHDRAW from their Summer Quarter.

PLEASE NOTE: International students are not permitted to cancel through the process outlined above. If you are an international student and you will no longer be participating in Summer Sessions, you must complete the withdrawal petition linked below in order to cancel or withdraw. 

Summer Sessions Cancellation or Complete Withdrawal 

Submit this form if the first enrolled session of your Summer Quarter has begun, and you no longer plan to take any courses during the summer. The day the Office of the Registrar receives this form is the official withdrawal date and is used to determine the refund of fees, if any. Please note that if you are in paid status, there are no refunds for courses dropped or withdrawn from after a session's Drop with Refund deadline. View our Deadlines chart for more information. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are participating in FSSP or Transfer Edge, please click the links and scroll to the section titled "Cancellation Policy" to view the specific steps to ensure full cancellation from the program. 

While the digitized forms make it possible to submit almost instantaneously, the review process is manual and may take up to three weeks to complete. We ask for your patience in awaiting a response, and suggest you read the form carefully to determine expected processing time. Thank you for your understanding.