Lapse of Status

Read carefully below to understand the lapse process, and how to submit a Summer Sessions Late Add Petition.

What is "Lapse of Status"?

Lapse of status refers to the automatically enforced withdrawal of a student from the university. This can occur for several reasons, but during Summer Sessions students are most commonly lapsed for non-payment of fees. 

What are the two fee payment deadlines during Summer Sessions?

If you are enrolled in any courses in Session(s) A, C, D, and/or E, you must pay all of your Summer Sessions fees, for all sessions, by the first Wednesday in Session A.

If your courses are in Session(s) B, F, or G only, you must pay your fees by the first Wednesday in Session B.

For more information, view our deadlines

What happens if I've been lapsed? 

If you do not take action to pay your Summer balance in accordance with the fee payment deadline, you will be impacted by the lapse process. 

You will be dropped from the courses that you are currently enrolled in.

You will be unable to access the course materials through GauchoSpace. 

Once your balance is paid, you’ll need to navigate a re-enrollment process in order to regain access to your course materials (see below for details). 

Students receiving Financial Aid will have their aid cancelled for the quarter their status has been lapsed.

What should I do if I've been lapsed?

If you have been lapsed, email to inquire about next steps as soon as possible. You should do this even if you believe you have been lapsed in error or if you have recently made a payment on BARC, because the submission of the form alerts our office that you have been dropped and would like to re-enroll. 

To expedite the process, please be sure to fill out all of the information on the late add petition, including the specific enrollment codes for the courses/sections you wish to re-enroll in. These can be found in GOLD. At the bottom of page one, you will need to indicate your method of payment for any outstanding fees. If you have already paid, please attach a copy of your receipt using the paperclip icon.

The Office of Summer Sessions will follow up via email to confirm any outstanding fees. Once all fees have been paid, your petition will be processed and you will be re-enrolled in your courses. Please note that these petitions are processed manually and it may take up to three weeks to verify payment and re-enroll you in your courses. 

Regardless of your pay status, if you were dropped from a course that is currently in session, you may request Canvas/GauchoSpace access from your instructor(s) so you do not fall behind in your coursework.