Course Spotlight

Course Spotlight

Looking for that perfect course to round out your summer schedule? The Summer Quarter features a lineup of unique courses that students can engage with to shape the future. Whether you're hoping to explore a discipline outside of your field of study, master a new skill, or elevate your understanding of a trending topic, there are options available for you.  

Below we have highlighted a number of courses that are interdisciplinary, newly developed, exclusively offered during summer, and/or offer scholarship opportunities. 

Use the filter tool or the navigational menu to seek courses that align with your goals and interests, and check back frequently for new additions!

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Scholarship Offered

This 8-unit immersive course supports students in a unique exploration of Shakespearean works on page and stage. Scholarships are available to offset the unit fees associated with the course.

This course will examine the utopian dream through history, literature, philosophy, and public memory. Starting with a historical and philosophical background of the concepts and unintended consequences of idealism, the course will then turn to focus more narrowly on our own planned community of Isla Vista. Scholarships are available to offset the unit fees associated with the course, and it fulfills GE requirements for Area E and Writing. 

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