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Looking for that perfect course to round out your summer schedule? The Summer Quarter features a lineup of unique courses that students can engage with to shape the future. Whether you're hoping to explore a discipline outside of your field of study, master a new skill, or elevate your understanding of a trending topic, there are options available for you.  

Below we have highlighted a number of courses that are interdisciplinary, newly developed, exclusively offered during summer, and/or offer scholarship opportunities. 

Use the filter tool or the navigational menu to seek courses that align with your goals and interests, and check back frequently for new additions!

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In this class students research world literature to understand our species' cognitive design.

This course teaches students to think of the keyword in several ways: first, as a cornerstone of traditional literary or rhetorical analysis; second, as a central concept in digital humanities methods for analyzing texts; and finally, as a cultural unit that shapes our thinking in search engines, on social media, and in our larger social world.

This interdisciplinary course about the power of storytelling aims to provide students with an understanding of how storytelling shapes our minds, and how our minds shape the stories that we tell.

This course provides students with an opportunity to engage in detailed interdisciplinary study of significant developments in the history of "emotion."

Consider the history of disease both as a subject of scientific inquiry and a cultural and religious phenomenon. Scholarships are available to offset the unit costs associated with this course. 

In "The Second Year Experience," students learn about how to engage with UCSB's mission and the exciting work being done here, from the administration to the generation of new knowledge to the production of creative projects.

This course uses a series of videos to introduce students to renowned faculty, research opportunities, and varying disciplines of study at UC Santa Barbara. 

In this course students will explore the theory and practice of game-based language learning.

This course investigates virtual reality and studies the imminent integration of real and virtual worlds.

Introduction to Interactive Audio is a project-based course taught using Max, a visual programming environment for music and multimedia.

Through a combination of lectures, discussions, and hands-on mapping labs, this course will expose students to diverse traditions within Buddhism and allow students to develop multimedia narrative mapping projects.

Students and teens from the community collaborate in writing, crafting, and performing an epic myth through the lens of their personal stories.


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Discover unique courses and opportunities. 

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Cognitive Cluster

Investigate the brain and its cognition through a literary lens.

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Storytelling for the Screen

A six-week, eight-credit intensive capstone TV writing workshop.

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Creative Computing

Approach the computerized world through personal, imaginative, and critical connections. 

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