Summer Savings


We view summer as a season of growth and possibility, and we strive to offer cost savings and financial incentives to keep opportunity affordable.


Financial Aid 

Summer financial aid packages are available to qualified students. It is important to note that packages are calculated based on actual summer enrollment data, and will be adjusted if a student makes schedule alterations. In order to be considered, a student must have a 2021–2022 FAFSA or CADAA on file. For additional information and instructions, read through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship's Summer Aid page

In-State Tuition Benefits

Summer Quarter is unique in that it is the only optional quarter in the academic year, and as such, things happen a little differently! All students pay the same tuition and fees as a California resident during the summer months, allowing international and out-of-state students to benefit from cost savings while making progress to degree. To learn more about the structure of fees in the summer, visit our Cost of Attendance page.


Housing Incentive

In recent years, UC Santa Barbara has offered a summer housing incentive, to support students who wish to leverage Summer Sessions to achieve their educational goals. This incentive credits eligible undergraduate students living in campus housing with up to $1000*! This incentive is intended to support students in making the most of summer by focusing on coursework, while living in free or substantially subsidized housing. We anticipate that this incentive will be continued in Summer 2022. Check back during Winter Quarter for eligibility requirements and information on the application process.

two students smiling and hugging on the beach

Scholarship Courses

Each summer, a small selection of courses offer scholarships to qualified students, to offset the unit fees associated with the course. These scholarships are intended to reduce barriers to enrollment for students who have passion that exceeds financial resources. The list of Summer 2022 scholarship courses will become available in Winter Quarter. To apply, students will prepare a 300 – 500 word essay explaining their interest in the course topic. Submissions will be collected using the Summer Sessions scholarship application portal.