Schedule Adjustment

Adds and Drops

Students may use GOLD for schedule adjustments until the respective deadline for the session has passed. Important deadlines for each session can be viewed on the Deadlines Chart.

After the “Last Day to Add” date listed on the Deadlines chart for a session has passed, a petition or a course approval code (which can be obtained from the instructor) is required to add a course until the “Last Day to Add With Code” date for the session. The last day to add a course with a petition or approval code is also listed on the Deadlines chart.

The last date to drop a course on GOLD is the drop deadline date listed for each session. (For refund deadlines see the “Drop With Full Refund” dates for each session on the Deadlines chart.)

*After the respective deadline listed on the Deadline chart has passed:

Returning UCSB students and newly admitted College of Letters and Science students must contact L&S Advising for any schedule alterations.

Newly admitted College of Engineering and College of Creative Studies students should contact the Summer Sessions office for all schedule changes.

If you would like to completely withdraw from Summer Sessions, please visit our Cancellations & Withdrawals page for next steps.

Students in class

Academic Credit

Students who enroll in Summer Sessions are limited to a program not exceeding 16 units, unless they petition and receive approval for an excess program. Petitions are available at the Office of the Registrar.

Regularly enrolled UCSB students should consult the Dean of their college or school for approval of excess program petitions. Students attending Summer Sessions only should consult the Director of Summer Sessions and present a recommendation from an academic dean of their home institution.

In order to obtain credit, a student must satisfy all course requirements, attend classes, turn in written assignments, and take all examinations, including the final examination. By University of California rule, final examinations must be held in all courses except as authorized by the Director of Summer Sessions.

Undergraduate students of the University of California, Santa Barbara, who are disqualified for scholastic reasons, may enroll in Summer Sessions. However, their academic standing is not changed as a result of Summer Sessions work. They may submit their Summer Sessions record for appraisal to the Dean of their college to support their request for reinstatement, but such credit is considered only as part of the overall record and is subject to the terms under which they were dismissed.

Auditing Courses

During Summer Sessions, individuals who are interested in auditing a UC Santa Barbara course may do so with explicit permission from the instructor of that course. Auditing a course is defined as sitting in on the course unofficially; thus, auditors are not expected to complete assignments, take examinations, or participate in classroom discussion. No record of the audited class will appear on a student’s quarter schedule or UCSB transcript. Students will not be permitted to earn credit by examination in courses which they have audited. Please note that given the many factors that differentiate summer courses from those in the regular academic year, instructors may be more likely to decline requests to audit.