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Summer 2015
Session A: 6/22 - 8/1
Session B: 8/3 - 9/12
Session C: 6/22 - 8/29
Session D: 6/22 - 7/11
Session E: 7/13 - 8/1
Session F: 8/3 - 8/22
Session G: 8/24 - 9/12
Since Summer Sessions has “open enrollment,” high school graduates, adult learners and students visiting from other colleges and universities are welcome to apply. High school students, who have not yet graduated are welcome to apply to one of our Pre-College Programs.

Some courses have specific prerequisites which are indicated ian the UCSB General Catalog. Registration in an individual course is allowed only if a student can satisfy all of the course’s prerequisites.

Admission to Summer Sessions does not constitute admission or readmission to the undergraduate or graduate programs at UCSB.

Auditing Summer Courses on Campus

Persons who are eighteen or older may audit courses without undertaking the prescribed work of the class and without receiving credit, providing the instructor approves their attendance. Regularly enrolled students are given preference over auditors. Auditors may obtain a Request to Audit form at the Summer Sessions Office. This form must be signed by the instructor and returned to the Summer Sessions Office with the Auditor Student Fee by the end of the first week that the course is in session. Auditing fees are as follows: $20 for lecture courses and 80% of unit fees for participatory courses.