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Summer 2015 Fees and Billing Information

Summer Sessions fees are determined by your student status at the time of enrollment. Please read the definitions below of a “UC Student” and a “Non-UC Student” to determine your fee structure.

UC Students for Fee Purposes are:

  • Continuing UC students who have not graduated or declared to graduate Spring 2015 or earlier
  • Newly admitted students to the University of California for Fall 2015
  • Returning UC students to complete an incomplete degree

UC Student Fees -

Undergraduate $411.53 Campus Based Fee (one-time)*
  $270.93 Per Unit (for the first 10 units)
Summer Sessions’ 15-unit Fee Cap for UC Undergrads
Graduate $161.59 Campus Based Fee (one-time)*
  $338.67 Per Unit (For the first 12 units)
Summer Sessions’ 12-unit Fee Cap for UC Grads

*Click here for a list of items included in this fee.

Non-UC Students for fee purposes are:

  • Visiting students from non-UC institutions
  • UC students who have graduated or petitioned to graduate in a quarter prior to Summer Sessions

Non-UC Student Fees -

$200.00 Application Fee (non-refundable)
$411.53 Campus Based Fee (one-time)
$270.93 Per Unit

Non-UC International Students* Fees

$200.00 Application Fee (non-refundable)
$411.53 Campus Based Fee (one-time)
$270.93 Per Unit Fee

*The Office of Summer Sessions does not issue the I-20 Form which is necessary to obtain a Student (F-1) visa.

Additional Fees

  • Late-Payment Fee starts after the June 30th Fee Payment Deadline 1: $50
  • Late-Payment Fee starts after the August 11th Fee Payment Deadline 2: $50
  • Lapse Fee: $100 for first course and $50 for each additional course
  • Re-Registration Fee for the current summer: $50

Course Materials Fees

  • Some courses have course Materials/Lab Fees associated with them. These fees will be charged after instruction has begun. Be sure to watch your E-Bill and be sure these get paid, so that your transcripts are not held.

Letters and Science Course Material Fee (L&S Tech Fee)

  • There will be a $2.50 per unit fee assessed for each Letters and Science course in which you are enrolled. Information about the fee can be found on the Collaborate website.

Information for Veterans

  • The Registrar’s Office verifies enrollment for veterans and their dependents in order to issue the appropriate educational benefits. For more information, contact the UCSB Office of the Registrar, 805-893-3592 or e-mail:
  • If you are qualified to receive the CA Veterans College Fee Waiver, please submit your letter of verification from the VA to the Office of the Registrar, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA 93106. Initial applicants go to If you already have your letter of certification on file with the Registrar's office, your unit fees will automatically be waived.

Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997

  • The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 includes a number of educational tax benefits that may have an impact on students and their families. The act includes the following sections that require the University to report information on students to the Internal Revenue Service:
    • • Hope Scholarship Tax Credit: a nonrefundable credit equal to a maximum of $1,500 in out-of-pocket qualified tuition and fee expenses paid by or on behalf of a student for two tax years during which the student is enrolled at least half time in the first or second year of postsecondary education leading to a recognized degree or certificate.
    • • Lifetime Learning Credit: a nonrefundable credit equal to 20% of the $5,000 of qualified out-of-pocket tuition and fee expenses paid by or on behalf of a student enrolled in postsecondary coursework at the undergraduate or graduate level leading to a recognized degree or certificate or to improve job skills.
    • To find out if you qualify for benefits under these or other provisions of the Taxpayer Relief Act, please contact a tax consultant or call the Internal Revenue Service. The University is not authorized to respond to tax questions.
    • For more information about the Taxpayer Relief Act, refer to this website which services students at the University of California campuses: Please note that the Registrar's Office must have your social security number on file in order to report fees to the Internal Revenue Service.

Billing and Fee Payment Policy

  • Students are responsible for the full payment of all billed charges by their fee payment deadline. Read the information below to determine your fee payment deadline.


    • #1 - June 30: If you have ANY courses starting in June or July (Sessions A-C-D-E), 100% of your Summer fees must be paid by June 30th.
    • #2 - August 11: If you ONLY have courses starting in August (Sessions B-F-G), 100% of your Summer fees must be paid by August 11th.
  • Credit card payments are accepted online only using MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express (there will be a 2.75% convenience fee charged). Gaucho E-Bill is the electronic billing system that notifies Students of their financial obligation to the University. Notification is sent via email to student UMAIL accounts when a new billing statement is available to view and pay. Students can access a copy of their electronic billing statement and review account information by logging onto: myBARC. More information regarding billing and payment options can be found on the BARC website. A Late-Payment is assessed for payments received after 4:00 pm on the due date. Students who have not completed payment of the “amount due” are subject to dis-enrollment from their courses and will be lapsed from Summer Sessions. Lapsed students are assessed a Re-Registration Fee and a Late-Payment Fee, if they are allowed to re-register. (Transcripts will be held for unpaid balances.)
SUMMER 2015 / Campus Based Fee Detail
Associated Student Fees
AS / GSA Program Fees 90.61
Gradutae Student Child Care Grant     2.81
Child Care Center Fee 4.75 2.00
Student Health 17.90
Disabled Student Services 3.09
Intramural Sports 4.42
Multi-Cultural Center 3.25  
Shoreline Initiative Fee (Coastal Fund) 2.75
University Center 6.60
Office of Student Life 1.65
Arts and Lectures 2.20
Recreational Sports 12.10
Events Center 3.30
Campus Learning Assistance Services 6.60
Sub Total AS/GSA Fees $159.22   $16.61
Student Lock-In Fees
Arts and Lectures Support Fee 5.18 5.67
Bicycle Path Maintenance Fee   0.50
Campus Learning Assistance Services 18.00
Community Affairs Board 0.57
Counseling Center Fee 10.75   10.75
Career Services Fee 7.28 7.28
Educational Opportunity Services Fee 5.07
Health and Wellness
Green Initiative Fund 2.60 2.60
Multi-Cultural Center Fee (1) 1.00 1.50
Student Recreation Facilities Enhancement 11.25  
Intercollegiate Athletics Facility Fee 22.69
Recreation Center/ Aquatics 16.45 16.54
UCen Expansion Fee 13.35 13.41
Rec Cen 2 Expansion 20.97 20.97
Women, Gender and Sexual Equity
Return to Aid Assessment 53.24 12.87
Student Health Services 7.00
Student Resource Building 21.49 21.49
Student Life Program Fee 1.00
Student Medical Emergency Relief Fund 0.89 0.89
Student Services Renewal Energy Initative 4.45   4.45
Transit System Fee 13.13 13.13
University Children's Center 3.00 3.00
Administrative Fee
Women's Center Fee 4.25 4.25
Sub Total Student Lock-in Fees $252.31   $144.98