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July 31 - September 12, 2015

photo of storke towerThe Freshman Summer Start Program (FSSP) is an exciting, innovative summer term opportunity designed for admitted UCSB freshmen to let them get a head start on their courses and make a successful academic and social transition to UCSB. Special features include:

  • Enrollment in 7-13 units of coursework, which receive actual UCSB credit. FSSP students have over 70 lower division courses to choose from, including General Education, pre-major, and major courses, Freshman Seminars, special FSSP undergraduate research courses, honors sections, and enrichment classes. There are also academic and Wellness workshops to help FSSP students transition into UCSB from high school. Units earned during FSSP count toward the Minimum Cumulative Progress (MCP) requirement .
  • Numerous opportunities to interact in small groups with faculty members in the classroom and residence hall though our Faculty Mentorship program, weekly faculty-student lunches and dinners, faculty-led field trips in the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles area, and other academic activities.
  • Making new friends! FSSP students live in the same residence hall and form friendships that last through their entire college experience.
  • Getting to know the campus and its support services to ensure success during the academic year. These include the library, tutoring center, job and internship placement, career counseling, academic advising, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Wellness Program, Student Health, Student Government, and the Recreation Center.
  • Enjoying the summer in beautiful Santa Barbara. There are beach BBQs, hikes in the Santa Barbara mountains, parties, sailing, concerts, sporting activities, and other residence hall activities.
  • Financial aid for eligible students who enroll in the Freshman Summer Start Program. Out-of-state and international students pay the same as California residents during FSSP. Program participants interested in applying for financial aid must complete a 2014-2015 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Applications are accepted until the program is full.  The 2015 application form will be available in early Spring.

For additional information contact the Program Manager.