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Taking an online course in the summer is similar to any summer course in time, effort and quality. The obvious difference is that you will interact with your professor and fellow students online instead of in the classroom. 

People who are successful online learners are:

  • self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • comfortable communicating through written online correspondence and discussions
  • unafraid to seek assistance and ask questions when needed
  • able to stay on a schedule and meet deadlines
Summer 2016 Online Courses
CHEM W 142A: Biochemistry Session B Course Description
DANCE W 36: History of Dance Session B Course Description
EARTH W 20: Geological Catastrophes Session A Course Description
EEMB W 22: Concepts and Controversies in the Biological Sciences Session B  
ENGR W 3: Introduction to Programming for Engineers Session B Course Description
FEMST W 150: Sex, Love, and Romance Session A Course Description
GEOG W 8: Living with Global Warming Session B Course Description
MCDB W 138/236: Medical Immunology Session B  
PSTAT W 120A: Probability and Statistics (Final is on paper. Student must locate and arrange for a proctor if unable to come to the UCSB campus.) Session B Course Description
PSTAT W 182T: Tutorial in Actuarial Statistics Session B  
THTR W 19: Design Fundamentals for Dance and Theater Session B  

Technical Requirements

Generally, you will need:

  • a personal computer that is:
    • a Windows XP or later PC with the most current version of the free Firefox Browser, the most current version of the free Adobe Flash Player, a recent version of an office suite (e.g. Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Star Office).
    • an OS X 10.5 or later MAC with the most current version of the free Firefox Browser, the most current version of the free Adobe Flash Player, a recent version of an office suite (e.g. iWork, Microsoft Office, NeoOffice).
  • a broadband Internet connection

Exams in Online Courses

Some online courses may require proctored exams, either online or in person. Most summer online courses at UCSB have online exams. For proctored exams online, your course instructor will guide you to an online proctoring service. If you are able to come to campus for in-person exams, you will take this proctored exam in a room arranged by your instructor.

If you are not able to come to campus for an exam, it is your responsibility to let your online course instructor know and to locate and arrange for a proctoring service in your area. You will be responsible for the cost of using a proctoring center or online proctoring service (the range is typically $20-30). You must make arrangements for a remote testing location at least 2 weeks prior to your exam date. Acceptable private proctors normally include, but are not limited to, faculty, other university or college testing centers, ministers, military education officers, non-direct superiors and corporate executive officers, and public librarians. Community colleges often offer proctoring services for a minimal fee.

Technical Support

You will have technical support from two sources: